Comprehensive Energy Assessment

Located in Arlington, Virginia, the goal of the Comprehensive Energy Assessment for the TSA was to identify energy conservation opportunities that, when implemented, would raise the current EnergyStar Score from a 48 to 75. The customer had a goal of achieving EnergyStar recognition and to achieve the minimum EnergyStar rating for LEED EB.

Eneractive set out to provide recommendations on the most beneficial course of action for future energy conservation initiatives. To achieve a target EnergyStar score of 75, TSA would need to reduce their overall energy consumption by 23%. The 23 ECMs when implemented would reduce the overall energy use by an estimated 29%. The ECMs with the greatest impact were a $650,000 Occupancy Sensor Project, a $675,000 Emergency Generator Project that would allow for participation in Demand Response and a $740,000 Conversion from electric heat to natural gas heat.


- $818,361 in annual energy savings

- 45% reduction in energy costs