Energy Assessment and O&M Optimization

Kaydon Ring & Seal is a multiple building facility with two buildings comprising roughly 500,000 to make up the majority of the site. The goal of the Comprehensive Energy Assessment for Kaydon was to identify energy conservation opportunities and Operational & Maintenance Optimization that, when implemented, would create energy conservation and facilitate a consolidation of departments. The long-term goal was to reduce their manufacturing floor space by almost 56% to reduce operating costs.

The 24 ECMs and O&M Enhancements, when implemented, reduced the overall energy use by an estimated 48.8% and allowed for the consolidation of floor space. The estimated annual savings was $616,274. This netted a 6.58 year payback at an IRR of 15.5%. The ECMs with the greatest impact were a $2,225,000 500 kW solar photovoltaic system and a $925,000 Emergency Generator Project that allowed for participation in Demand Response.


- 24 ECMs with a total savings of over $616,000

- Simple economic payback of 6.58 years