Solar Consulting and Development

For NJAW’s Delran Water Treatment Plant, a 1004 kW solar PV system was selected to provide approximately 5% of the electric usage at the plant. A study of the existing infrastructure on site revealed underground conduits, helping lower the cost for the electrical installation. This was done economically by locating the PV arrays adjacent to the existing operations at the plant.

Eneractive’s concept design and project represent a great opportunity for New Jersey American Water to utilize the available land at their existing facility to produce power to assist in the power requirements necessary for water distribution. Eneractive also facilitated the necessary requirements for NJAW to participate and obtain benefits from the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust. Completed in April 2012, the project has an approximate 5.39 year simple payback.


- $129,000 in annual energy savings

- Federal Tax Grant of approximately $1,800,000