Eneractive performed a detailed retro-commissioning project on the Chrysler Building East, tasked with specifics such as: determining operational and maintenance issues which negatively impacted the building’s energy consumption; identifying energy conservation opportunities, and; providing an economic analysis of each issue and ECO to assist in prioritization and budgeting. More specifically, the focus of this analysis included: the building management system, air handling units, exhaust fans, house hot water heaters, secondary water pumps, domestic water pumps and water heaters, condensate pumps, and sump pits. The Eneractive team identified a total of nine ECMs for implementation, representing over $58,000 in annual savings with a simple payback of 0.9 years.


- Potential annual energy savings of 286,274 kWh, 18 kW, and 682 Therms

- Notable ECM with potential annual savings of $30,295